#Peer Support #Skills Sharing


Youth Social Innovation Award 2016 – 2nd Runner-up & “My Favourite Project”


The mission of TEENpamine is to form a peer support platform through organizing patient-centred interest groups, such as dancing or music groups. The peer-run groups are led by tutors who share the lived experiences of mood disorders. Tutors not only design programmes to suit the needs of participants, but also tap their talents for self-enhancement and peer support. We aim to facilitate mutual learning and support among peers in a friendly group environment.

Team Vision

TEENpamine is founded by a group of people with lived experiences of mood disorders. We truly understand the importance of peer support. Our belief is to help each other, share talents, and work together to create a compassionate and empowering society where mental health is valued. Our objectives are as follows:

  1. Encourage more peers to unleash their talents through teaching or learning skills
  2. Enhance patients’ social adaptability
  3. Improve patients’ social skills to expand social networks
  4. Boost patients’ emotional stability

What is/are the biggest challenge(s) you have ever faced?

Firstly, it is time-consuming to produce skill sharing kits and the team only has limited experience in DIY art work. We also need more professional skills and knowledge to support the development of this project. Regarding that, we invite tutors to help improve the kit and we believe it is important to attend training class or read more books to enhance the team’s knowledge. Another challenge is the balance between our mission and gaining profits. We have tried to incorporate elements of mental health promotion when designing our products.

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