#Nothing changes without actions
#When you come to a roadblock, take a detour
#Without self-belief, nothing can be accomplished


OutsWalk is a start-up committed to promoting the sharing economy. We provide advertising services to companies while valuing the interests of our customers and users.

We have come up with two models – “Discounts get around” and “Tips at your fingertips”. With the use of OutsWalk mobile app, users can quickly get information about special offers available within 50 – 500 meters around, with all the shop locations marked on the app. Also, users can use certain step counts per day in exchange for opportunities to browse ads and to earn corresponding dollars and special offers.

We believe that the key to advertising is to broadcast messages in any possible forms. With OutsWalk, we aim to encourage people to walk more while exploring an eco-friendly way of advertising. Our vision is to create “paperless streets” where flyers become obsolete.    

What is/are the biggest challenge(s) you have ever faced?

Many start-ups share the same plight of finding customers. Since the market lacks existing references, it is not easy for innovative start-ups to gain customers’ trust by merely presenting their ideas. Next-generation products can easily arouse customers’ interest, but not collaboration opportunities.

It is essential to understand why customers hesitate. To boost their confidence, we have collected a set of data for their reference. We also constantly undergo painstaking reflection and make improvements. Before meeting customers, we will get ourselves well-practiced to build our confidence, so that we can target the right customers in an organised way.

What have you learnt in the start-up process?

In this start-up process, we realise that not everything will unfold according to plans. We usually have to make changes to suit the cultural trend and social development. When all means are exhausted, it is vital to make a change.

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