Kiddy Imagination

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We are a team of professionals from various disciplines, including counsellor, registered teacher, Chinese tutor, speech therapist, painter, etc. Our services divide into four domains: programme development, teaching materials design, tutor training, and parenting education. We aim to cater for students with special educational needs (SEN) of different ages, from junior primary to senior secondary levels. To suit their needs, we design training programmes and teaching materials with different focuses, for example, on strengthening Chinese literacy and concentration. The first physical product we have launched is “Mix & Match for Emotions”. It is a set of emotion cards designed for mainstream children, but at the same time also adapted to meet the needs of children with autism.

Team Vision

Our mission is to provide appropriate support to SEN students as well as students at large. We formulate teaching approaches and learning content according to children’s needs, in order to promote diversity in personal development and unleash children’s potentials. To promote our educational products, we organize a variety of trial sessions and home-school talks. Through our programmes, we also hope to cater to the needs of individual SEN students and provide corresponding support while rectifying the misconceptions of public and cultivating positive parenting values.

What is/are the biggest challenge(s) you have ever faced?

The printing progress of the emotion cards had been delayed for three months behind schedule, which affected the entire sales cycle. To get more exposure before the product launch, we made a prototype for video-making and kept updating our online platform with promo videos and advertising messages weekly. We also ran a pre-order promotion, attracting customers with free small gifts.

Goals for the coming year

  1. Roll out related programmes
  2. Take part in competitions to solicit funds for the production of a new set of game cards
  3. Introduce “Mix & Match for Emotions” cards to foreign markets
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