Fruit Peels Family

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Founded in 2014, Fruit Peels Family aims to promote environmental protection and sustainable lifestyle, through selling natural and eco-friendly cleaning products and organizing green workshops. We offer DIY workshops to promote eco-friendly products. Through launching STEM programmes, we also encourage students to embrace green living and bridge the gap between science and technology and environmental protection.

Team Vision

We find that home-made enzymes are popular in Taiwan, and the DIY process is simple and eco-friendly, worth recommending to the public. It is a pity that people in Hong Kong know little about it.

It is essential to cultivate environmental awareness at an early age. Targeted at children, our team organize various environmental workshops and STEM programmes designed for secondary and primary school students. We hope to motivate participants to apply science and technology to environmental protection. We also promote a green lifestyle to different age groups, for example, by setting up booths in the community to teach the public on how to make enzyme detergent.

What is/are the biggest challenge(s) you have ever faced?

The first challenge was the shortage of human resources. With members graduating from schools one after another, the time and efforts they manage to put on the project become less. Some members ended up quitting the team. Lack of fund was another setback. We didn’t have sufficient resources to develop new products or support the full-time employment of our team members. The sales of our products are also unstable. In the face of these difficulties, the project had been stopped operating for a time. When we heard that Open InnoChallenge was open for application, we seized the opportunity to join the competition, refreshing ourselves with new thoughts and endeavour.

Goals for the coming year

We will formulate a series of plant-related STEM programmes and tangible teaching materials. Participants will develop environmental awareness through hands-on experience and coding. We also plan to recruit new team members to facilitate the promotion of environmental protection, product development, and educational programmes. Furthermore, we are open to incubation programmes offered by institutions, in the hope of obtaining more resources to support product research and development.

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