Food Chain Environment

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Food Chain Environmental Limited Company (“Food Chain Environment”) was founded in April 2018. We are a team of Environmental Studies students from The Open University of Hong Kong. Our goal is to promote environmental protection.

With population growth, we continuously deplete natural resources while generating problems like food waste and environmental pollution. Beside these pressing problems, climate change is the greatest contemporary challenge for humanity.

Our mission is to reduce waste to save the planet, and to educate the public. In 2019, we have organized three workshops themed on eco-environmental protection, including “Food Rescue”, “Eco-Planet”, and “Little Eco-Artisans”.

Team Vision

The problems posed by food waste, environmental pollution, and climate change are threatening the nature as well as the well-being of humanity. The existing economic model of our society is not sustainable. It is necessary for the public to work together to protect the environment in everyday life. We aim to set up a food waste system to upcycle food waste into useful products and promote green living with eco-friendly handicrafts and games.

What is/are the biggest challenge(s) you have ever faced?

Our initial plan is to set up a system for food waste processing and educational purposes. Due to space limitations and technical constraints, we have tentatively formulated our project in the form of environmental workshop. Through the workshops, we want our participants to be aware of the environmental impact brought by human activities. The process of eco-friendly handicrafts making will also inspire participants to embrace green living.

The workshop is not profit-driven in nature. Our team needs to explore and adopt appropriate marketing and advertising strategies to attract participants and generate income.

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